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About Us

We are passionate about what we do
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About us

We are Hygia - A pharmaceutical and medical products company

We provide your company with demanded pharmaceuticals and medical products to boost your business

We are an international pharmaceuticals and medical products wholesaler which is registered and regulated by the Ministry Of Health of Turkey

What we do


We are passionate about what we do. We derive pleasure to be able to help you to boost your business

Our Istanbul based company, ensures pharmaceuticals and medical products, parallel export and healthcare products to wholesalers, international pharmacies, hospitals, third world relief agencies, government medical agencies and private institutions.
We provide more than thousands prescription medicines, vaccines, drugs, OTC products, medical devices and different services in pharmaceutical field, act in global spread. Rx Generic Pharmaceuticals, Rx Brand Pharmaceuticals, Injections, Medical/Surgical Supplies, OTC, Healthcare Practices, Critical Drug Shortages, Hospital Back Order Items, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Clinics, Advanced Wound Care, Ostomy, Vaccines, Urological. We handle in both large pharmaceutical projects or small quantities, to fit in with your requirements.

Proven quality over quantity


Our professional team helps your business to get competitive advantage in the pharmaceuticals and medicals marketplace and business.



We focus on productivity and we ensure that our quality wins over quantity.

Our passion is our vision.

       Our Banking Information

       Company: HYGIA DIS TIC.LTD.STI.


       Branch Name: KAGITHANE SUBESI 

       Branch Code: 105


       USD Account No: 748744 – 101

       USD IBAN: TR49 0021 1000 0007 4874 4001 01

       Euro Account No: 748744 – 102

       Euro IBAN: TR22 0021 1000 0007 4874 4001 02

       Ruble Account No: 748744 – 103

       Ruble IBAN: TR92 0021 1000 0007 4874 4001 03

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