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The quality of our services is exceptional. Each service takes time and we give it our best effort.


Product Supplying

If a product exists, we will find it and we will get it for you Thanks to our close relationship with vendors and manufacturers, we have the unique capability to find niche products and hard to find medicines. You can rely on us for getting the newest approved products on the market and those not yet available in some countries. Our range of products is so wide, you won’t need to look for other suppliers.

Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain is safe, complete and traceable
Our stringent operating procedures guarantee every step of handling, storage and distribution of all medicinal products.

Best experience

We know our clients
With a wide clients’ base consisting of hospitals private clinics, pharmacies and distributors, we have developed a deep knowledge of what the needs, constraints and priorities are for each of our clients. That is why we understand your urgency and we can fully meet your demands with the highest standards of service.With a wide clients’ base consisting of hospitals, private clinics, pharmacies and distributors, we have developed a deep knowledge of what the needs, constraints and priorities are for each of our clients.

Our Team

Our people are our strength
When you contact us at Hygia, you know you are getting the best customer service: our dedicated people will offer you quick responses, personalised approach and bespoke solutions. Our approach is not to follow only standard procedures but to take care of every specific detail, of each request and individual issues.

Be smart. Work with the right team.

Our Business approach

We focus on productivity and we ensure that our quality wins over quantity.

Life-Saving Medicines

We are a fully licensed Turkish pharmaceutical wholesaler, specialized in sourcing and delivering pharmaceutical products, medical devices and drugs from and to all over the world.

Better and Healthier Future

Human rights is in the center of our values and "Respect" and "Responsibility for Human Health" is the core of our Business

A Key Partner

As a Turkish partner in pharmaceutical wholesale, we are aware of the vulnerability of victims and the fragility of the fragmented areas of war. That’s why one of our top priorities to serve humanitarian organizations and assist them in local and international health aid projects. We will always be in solidarity with international humanitarian organizations to support them in humanitarian operations, with our services and experience to provide them with medical and healthcare products.


Research & Diagnosis

We take each service on productivity and ensured that it measures up to world standards.

We stand behind our work in ways never done before.
We are proud to give the best service with competetive prices to our clients regarding thier procurement activities. We supply most of the pharmaceuticals manufactured by top international companies

Hygia works in more than 85 countries from Europe to Africa and America to Middle East. We provide worldwide product sourcing from only reputable companies, supply only genuine branded medicines and low price needs of our customers.

Hygia offers branded medicines and generics from well known manufacturers, branded OTC products and medical disposables. We can supply pharmacy medicines, only to licensed resellers of pharmaceutical supplies. We can not supply controlled drugs or products containing codine or its derivatives.

Everything you buy from Hygia comes directly from the manufacturer or their marketing partners. By a strict purchase, transport and storage procedure we can always guarantee the genuinity of branded items.

Customer driven
Success based on integrity and client relations
Prompt response to e-mails and general enquiries
Competitive prices
Reliable offer, on time delivery
Smooth and reliable transaction process
Complete product and process documentation offered
After-sales service

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